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Refurbing a Legend

Practical Boat Owner - October 2014

"Willy Ker's well-travelled Contessa 32 Assent - a 1979 Fastnet survivor - accrued legendary status over the years...."

Assent - Yachting World 2013

Yachting World - October 2013

"When Kit and Jessie Rogers bought a 1972 Contessa 32 earlier this year, they took the helm of one of Britain's most extraordinary...."

Practical Boat Owner 2013

Practical Boat Owner - July 2013

"Braving ice, fjords and Forec 10s, Alistair Scott explores Greenland and makes passage accross the North Atlantic..."

Yachting World

Yaching World - Dec 2012

"As we started the penultimate race of 1974 Sunhill-sponsored One Ton Cup we knew what was on the horizon..."

Calypso November 2011

Practical Boat Owner - Nov 2011

"Calypso, the 'green' Contessa 32 built by Jeremy Rogers and his son Kit, has been afloat for a year..."

Calypso the Green Contessa

Classic Boat - Dec 2010

"Is an eco friendly GRP boat possible? Jeremy and Fiona Rogers, with their activist son Kit and his wife Jessie, set out to build one..."

Contessa 32 Review

Sailing Today - July 2010

"The much lauded Contessa 32 is probably the UK's best known offshore cruiser"

C032 Adventure

Yachting Monthly - April 2008

"Tristan Gooley flew a Cessna plane solo accross the Atlantic and then sailed a Contessa 32 yacht single handed from the Canaries to..."

Gigi Cape Horn 2007

Yachting Monthly - Dec 2007

"How sailing a Contessa 32, Gigi, from New York to San Francisco, via Cape Horn, was the making of a sailor..."

Sailing Today April 2007

Sailing Today - Apr 2007

"The Contessa 26 is arguable the most sucessful Folkboat-inspired cruiser of all time. Peter Poland finds out why..."

Calypso November 2011

Classic Boat - Aug 2004

"Having proved itself in the 1979 Fastnet disaster, the Contessa 32 has gone on to confirm a reputation as a "proper boat"..."

Yachtig World July 2000

Yachting World - July 2000

"Jeremy Rogers sparked a revolution in yacht building, made and lost a fortune, and created two of the best small cruising yachts ever..."

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