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Over the past thirty-five years or more Jeremy Rogers has earned an enviable reputation within the yachting industry for innovative work with composite plastics and mouldings.

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Manufacturing and Davits

Very different products of very high quality

Our Industrial Profile

In conjunction with the late Colin Chapman of Lotus Cars, Jeremy Rogers Yachts modified the Vacuum Assisted Resin Injection (VARI) process to develop the Contessa 39 and the OOD 34 yachts. The process, now known as Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTM), made it possible to produce plastic mouldings with a smooth, double-sided finish of uniform structural quality.

Development of new techniques

Following this project one of our former yacht clients asked us to develop and manufacture firemen's helmets, which for a number of years became a significant part of our industrial moulding output.

However, Jeremy Rogers Limited has not stood still. Since then we have continued to develop in-house techniques to produce accurate composite mouldings to very close tolerances. These techniques have enabled us to offer our clients several options in the proto-typing and development of any one item. Tooling for this plastic technology is, as a rule, considerably cheaper than conventional metal fabrication methods, and we have found that we can often substitute the use of plastic for components traditionally made in steel. This allows our client companies to set up a new project at low relative cost, and all under one roof.

The Atlas Carbon Davit

Atlas Carbon Davits have been designed to make light work of a variety of lifting tasks up to 500kg/ 1100lbs whilst maintaining an exceptionally low overall weight. The elegantly styled lines of the Atlas will complement the aesthetics of any yacht, power or sail, whilst its weight won't compromise performance.

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Where a requirement exists for prototyping and the production of specialised hi-tech components, Jeremy Rogers Limited can offer the solution. Contact us on 01590 646780, e-mail for more information, or visit

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