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Contessa 26 famous names

Many epic voyages have been undertaken in this iconic small yacht, and even now there are a number of them voyaging around the world.

Contessa 26 Sailors

From top to bottom: Nick Jaffe, Tania Aebi (at Yarmouth attending the Contessa 26 40th Anniversary Rally), Richard Clifford (bottom left) and Sebastian Smith (bottom right)

Famous Names

Here are some of the more famous names connected with the popular Contessa 26:

  1. Tania Aebi (Maiden Voyage) and Brian Caldwell, both of whom sailed round the world as teenagers in Contessa 26s.
  2. Then there were Richard Clifford and Sebastian Smith (first and most recent owners of Shamaal II).
  3. Peter Hancock (Sailing out of Silence), Rosina of Beaulieu (recently three times overall winner of the Round-the-Island Race).
  4. Bika II:
  5. Stephane Tremblay:
  6. Nick Jaffe (Constellation):

More information about the Contessa 26

There is a lot more information on the Contessa 26 Class Association website - and we can help with researching the history of your Contessa 26, as well as supplying customised spares. Contact us on 01590 646780 or e-mail for information.

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