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Contessa 32 New Build

The Contessa 32 is a modern classic. Since first launching in 1971 she has become widely recognised as the most popular racer cruiser ever.

When you commission a new Contessa 32 you are embarking on an exciting journey, one that may have started in your imagination a very long time ago.  Although all Contessa 32s are built using the same hull and deck mould, each boat is built in close consultation with the owner and has a unique character.

You will be joining a global family of owners who all have a passion for their boats and the opportunities they offer.   Some owners have been on epic solo voyages, others prefer the racing scene and some simply are content to stay close to home and explore their local waters.   All are united in the simple pleasures afforded by sailing in a Contessa 32 – as one owner summed it up…

“they are responsive, understated, elegant, seaworthy and quite simply a pleasure to sail”.

Our aim is that the creation of your new Contessa 32 is a pleasure on every level and that when she is launched you have 100% confidence in every aspect the boat, ready for any adventure.

CO32 Specification

Contessa Specification
New build Contessa 32 specification

Contessa 32 Specification

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