Osmosis Treatment

We offer full osmosis treatments including peeling and relaminating along with hull protection and antifoul coatings options ranging  from Coppercoat to the eco foul release system Silic One.

On fibreglass hulls of a certain age osmosis is often a fact of life and we have plenty of experience in how to deal with it.

If a boat has signs of osmosis it is most often necessary to peel off the gelcoat, exposing the fibreglass and opening up blisters.  The boat is then blasted to open up the fibres allowing the trapped moisture to escape.  Many operators offering osmosis treatments do not include peeling in their estimates and it can be a false economy in the long run.

At Jeremy Rogers’ our approach to bring moisture levels down is time and regular steam cleaning (we don’t favour heat pads as these can compromise the structure of the fibreglass).

Once the moisture levels are stable the hull is relaminated with a layer of woven glass cloth and epoxy.

Finally, the boat must be filled and faired before applying the bottom coatings of the customer’s choice, be that regular antifoul, Silic One or Coppercoat.

The video below shows the hull of Contessa 32 Assent which is finished with Silic One being pressure washed off after a year afloat. Silic One is a foul release rather than an antifoul making it a better option environmentally.

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