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Products and technology - partners on the Calypso project

The Calypso project has benefitted from the invaluable help of the following partners:

Truly sustainable, real wood, teak alternative from Norway. As durable as teak and weathers like teak, smells gently of molasses from the natural process used to make this product. An exciting, quality, solution to the real problem of using tropical hardwoods.

A company that have worked hard to reduce energy and waste across the board, starting with cutting the weight of their winches by up to 40%. Also sponsors of the Plastiki project to promote awareness of the problem of plastic in the world's oceans.

Providing all the latest cutting edge electronics for Calypso. A company committed to efficiency in manufacture and product power consumption, with ISO14001 accreditation.

Hybrid Marine
Hybrid diesel (25hp Betamarine) /electric engine – the first sailing boat to showcase this system. Incorporating a 5kw generator which can be used to suck power out of the propeller when sailing, or the engine when motoring, to constantly recharge the large bank of batteries.

Suppliers of the batteries for our "mother bank". We will be using Calypso as a test bed to optimise these TPPL (thin plate pure lead) batteries for use with a hybrid system.

Darglow Marine
Highly skilled Wareham-based engineering firm working in collaboration with the Calypso project to develop the optimum dual purpose propeller, suitable for hybrid use.

Next Generation Turbines - Air Breeze
400w wind generator which will be used to top up the 'mother bank' of batteries through the hybrid generator when at anchor or in the marina.

SFC Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Powered by methanol, another arrow in our renewable quiver to charge the 'mother' battery bank.

Marlec - Sunware Solar Panels
A 48w, semi-flexible panel to trickle energy into the house batteries.

DMS Technologies
Suppliers of the batteries for our house bank – top quality, easily recyclable, Deep Cycle AGM batteries.

This super insulated immersion tank does away with the kettle, providing instant hot water. A great way to use up some of the green energy Calypso will be producing.

GN Espace
A whole new concept in cooking at sea, cleverly designed sink, storage and cooking system. High quality UK produced gas cooker with burners 30% more efficient than most regular gas cookers.

Hempel - Hempasil X3
The latest non-toxic solution to barnacles and growth on the hull. Not antifoul but non-stick fouling release - containing no biocides and with lower solvent emissions. Technology as yet only used on ships because of the specific method required for application.

Le Tonkinois
A linseed-based, petrochemical free varnish which soaks into the wood. It looks as good as it smells.

Sanders Sails
Make their winning sails from top quality, tightly woven, Vektron sail cloth, developed by Hood Textiles in Ireland using ISO14001 accredited suppliers.

Cushion covers, sail covers and awning material - long lasting, quality canvas from a family-run manufacturer near Barcelona.

The last word in gorgeous, organic natural mattresses, hand made in Devon.

Bailey Marine
Deck fillers and fittings, top quality, UK manufactured kit to last several lifetimes.

Stainless steel fabrication - locally produced, high quality welded products.

Jeremy Rogers Limited
A compact recycling bin for separating rubbish on board.

Lee Sanitation
Heads and holding tank specialists who know all there is to know about black water. Calypso has a high quality manual head from German manufacturer Rheinstrom and a 60 litre black water holding tank – all we need now is better, cheaper pump out facilities.

Marley Marine Electrical
The people to go to for marine electrical projects and particularly those concerning renewable energy.

Trajan Hydraulics
Suppliers of stainless steel hosework on Calypso, with more than 40 years experience in the marine sector. Trajan has been actively monitoring and controlling the environmental impact of its operations since 1993.
Trajan Hydraulics

An excellent adhesive sealant - free from solvents and isocyanates - which doesn't go off in the tube, dramatically cutting down on waste.

From Southampton-based Marineware, providing the insulation for the lining of the boat which will make a dramatic difference to warmth and condensation.

Ultrasonic Antifouling
Poole based company helping to keep boats barnacle free and the sea copper free. Along with the Hempel product, we will also be trialling this ultrasonic system over the coming years.

Whale Pumps
Pumps and plumbing fittings. Clever technology from a firm with a genuine commitment to the environment. Whale Pumps are also suppliers of the IMTRA LED lights with total power consumption of 48W - a 62% saving on an equivalent halogen system. And, just as important, a pleasing glow.

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